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Album: N/A (2011)

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Song: This Damned City

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Kill The Weekend are a 5-piece Rock, Alternative, Pop Rock band from Watford Hertfordshire & Essex.

Made up of 5 passionate, energy filled, musicians, Kill The Weekend look set to take on the UK music scene by force with a mix of harmonies, fast riffs, contagious melodies and a general stage presence which is not soon to be forgotten.

Made late October 2009, started as a side project by guitarist George Munroe and drummer Alister Gibbons, Kill The Weekend soon became the only thing on these two musicians minds. Having had a few months of ups and downs, including loosing members and gaining some quality ones, Kill The Weekend emerged the storm bigger, better and stronger than ever before, going on to release their Debut EP "You Start Wars, We Star In Them" in June 2010.

With countless gigs under their belt, shared with some amazing names, and major press from FRONT magazine to a touching story on their charity single "Strength in Innnocence" on BBC1 News, Kill The Weekend have kick-started a number of gigs all around the UK, and are set to release their follow up to "You Start Wars, We Star In Them", "Liars and Lovers" In August 2011.

These talented young musicians look set to spark a fire amongst the UK unsigned scene, and will stop at nothing to do so.